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2016 Citroen Ds3 Specs and Release Date

2016 Citroen Ds3

2016 Specifications and Release Date Citroen Ds3. DS reports the full estimates and determination of the recently rebuilt DS3 supermini. Smaller-than-expected competitors are down this Friday through Citroen traders, with a meeting of £ 13 995 or £ 16295 for Caprio. The scale now consists of five trim levels (compute hot new execution specifications), with an up-coming section check in a system of only £ 14K with 82bhp 1. 2-liter gas turbo motor PureTech.

Different trims accessible are class and differences and Ultra Prestige is the most striking. It will roll the European heat cap in Australia running exactly one year from now with the Citroen DS3 rushing option. News of the summit slips in the rural areas of Paris and the streets are changing, rough, handsome feels comfortable. The race is not like Rorty as Renault Megane, or just as sharp with all the things as the new Mini JCW, but it works as long as feet, is fun and well prepared.

citroen ds3

This place is closest to the Peugeot 208 GTI as it is now in Australia, but such enhancements mean a reasonable initial fee of around $ 40,000. News 39,000 $ or better is important thinking. Sliding in the DS3 race comes as a surprise. As such, he is seen as a Citroen that is incubated too hot for atmosphere and low fuel quality in Australia. After the limited detachment of Citroen’s top-class DS sub-brands in 2014, DS3 has a mainstream DS that can be managed with somewhat more than just Chevron’s scratched identification.

However, the organizations provided at this time is a decent facelift to fit it with the larger DS 4 and DS. 5. Home thinking that 390,000 supermini waste cases were discovered on the planet since being delivered in 2010, and I imagine this is a necessity on family auto and executive ROM. However, the progression here was greeted the same. The most obvious upgrades are ahead, at which point the hexagonal grille configuration of the DS-on the old Citroen easing “twice chevron”.


The most important special models get smarter headlights that incorporate lights and xenons, with three sets of gems like a Special LED display. Lighted lights and fog hints to complete front end reconfiguration, while as an afterthought, but a new plan from a compact wheel diverts it. At the back, this is an example of lights and resetting calmly. This includes much more important customization coverage, with 10 identification roofs and four completed roofing processes for the 2016 Citroen DS3 Cabrio among three million shading colors and trim blends. Inside are also provided lifts, with new style layouts including cowhide show belts’ of DS and DS 5. 4 shading uniting additional police also enhances the look of wastage.

Innovation in-auto has improved, with a seven-inch touchscreen highlighting Apple CarPlay’s improved app screens, a sophisticated MirrorLink access screen. DS combines alternatives to combine other assets to package SOS assistance and follow the framework from a distance, while welfare innovations, such as the Active Town braking and are within reach. This standard package includes caution against models at the seven-inch touch screen level, air conditioning, radar and amalgam wheels, while the upcoming and coming Cabrios are detached from the sensor and re-stop the rear-left autos and gadgets.

2016 Citroen Ds3 Interior

Cartridge style adjustments across multiple LED FOGLIGHTS, largest components and compressors, sport seats and atmospheric controls, while Prestige brings a satnav, and stop the front sensor and 17-inch combination and Alcantara trim. Ultra Prestige carries a child’s leather seat watch. Motor bunch is still the same, so today’s buyers can take their decision to pack 1.2-liter PureTech fuel powered three milestones in three aligned conditions, and in addition to two petrol four-class THP turbo diesel and two BlueHDi. Be like that, there is a new game included. Q 3 races – previously restricted versions – back in hatchback and Cabrio groups, under another name: DS execution.

The execution begins DS 3 from £ 20 495, while the Cabrio is £ 22795. It is controlled by gasoline turbo THP 1.6 liter PSA Peugeot Citroen, and produces 205bhp and 300 Nm of torque, but ensures CO2 of 125G / km emanation. This ensures the execution of the DS motor easily out of the Ford Fiesta ST (which has 177bhp and transmits 139g / km). Although there are 2016 Citroen DS3 has not issued any execution figures, we can anticipate that they will be very similar in terms of the race, which is driven from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds and the top level of 146mph. There is a six-speed gearbox that helps so that it accompanies the slip difference that Torsen limited as standard hardware.

New 2016 Citroen Ds3

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