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2016 Honda Stream New generation

2016 Honda Stream

2016 Honda Stream is the new generation of an exciting concept designed for the east market. Medium-sized vehicles receive a number of changes and features that improve the quality of the vehicle. The changes are visible on the exterior, interior and drive specifications. The great success of the previous model has inspired the producer to modernize the exterior. Expected dynamic line, refreshed front grille, HID lamp, chrome detail, roof-line coupe, aluminum alloy and others. The interior has seats with variable positions and new materials that increase the comfort level.

The drive system is expecting a new efficient engine that will perform well. Fuel consumption increased compared to the previous period. High demand for this model assures good sales in Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia markets. If the trend continues, manufacturers will expand to other markets. 2016 Honda Stream under the veil of secrecy keeps information about future aggregates. Rumors are circulating that some have come from the company’s engineering team.

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We remind you that 1.8-liter 1.8-liter 1.8-liter gasoline engine has good performance. According to the plan, it is possible to get a new engine with turbo charger and an impressive output value. The tendency towards volume reduction and fuel consumption. The engine will be mated to an automatic transmission that transmits power to the wheels. The right control system and excellent suspension provide a new driving experience.

Speed ​​and acceleration will be announced after the test. Follow our blog and expect new information on this. 2016 Honda Stream presents an elegant interior design. The cabin has comfortable seating, automatic climate control, leather steering wheel, and entertainment system with speakers, wireless technology and more. Safety at a high level thanks to the dual SRS air bag system, sensors, advanced brake systems and other devices. Large luggage space and meet the needs of passengers.


The distance between the seat is enough for the foot. New technology attracts a younger category of customers. Sales will begin in May 2016 year, though it has been speculated with a deadline. The price has not been announced but will be somewhat higher than the current model price.

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